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New Issue - Vol. 25, No. 1 is published

In this new issue, we bring four interesting papers - check out the Current Issue section to learn more.

New Electronics Journal website

It is our pleasure to welcome you at the new Electronics Journal website. We believe that this new interface to our readership, but also our authors, reviewers and collaborators will improve visibility, popularity and productivity of our collaboration. 

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At this new website we will be publishing all new issues starting from the June 2021 edition (Vol. 25, No. 1), while all prior publications dated 1997-2020 may be found at the old Electronics Journal website.


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What does it cost to publish at Electronics Journal?

No fees apply, Electronics Journal is free publication free access.

How long does it take to publish a paper?

It usually takes 6 weeks from the moment the paper passes the initial check until publishing online in our In Press section.